Strategic Branding and Design.

You wouldn't tell a doctor to remove your appendix before he diagnosed if that was the issue. You wouldn't ask a mechanic to replace your brakes before he knew for sure that's where the noise was coming from. The same is true with branding and design. You should never start designing a logo, website, or any materials until you have a full understanding of the communication problem you are trying to solve.

Beautiful well-crafted design and execution should be a given. It's what comes before that's the most important. At Razor Creative, before we put pencil to paper, mouse to pad, or stylus to tablet, we invest the time it takes to diagnose the problems, figure out who we should be talking to, and how to best communicate with them, then we draw up the plans. Collectively, we need to Dig Deeper to understand your brand and situation… it is only then that we begin the process of design.

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